Peruvian Fusion Cuisine Cruising in the Bay Area

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    Slow cooked pork loin marinated with Peruvian spices


    Lomo Saltado

    Stir fried steak with onions, tomatoes, cilantro, marinated in a Peruvian-Asian sauce topped with fries

    Broccoli Saltado

    Stir fried steak or chicken breast with onions, tomatoes, and broccoli marinated in a Peruvian-Asian sauce

    Pollo Saltado

    Stir fried chicken breast with onions, tomatoes, cilantro marinated with Peruvian-Asian sauce topped with fries

    Mushrooms Saltado (V)

    Stir fried mushrooms with onions, tomatoes, cilantro, marinated in a Peruvian-Asian sauce topped with fries

    Rice Bowl or Wrap (salad, Peruvian sauce)

    • Lomo Saltado 11
    • Adobo 10
    • Pollo Saltado 10
    • Broccoli Saltado w/Pollo10  w/Lomo11
    • Mushroom Saltado (V) 10

    Burrito / Burrito Bowl

    w/ steamed garlic rice, beans, salad, and Peruvian pepper sauce

    • Adobo (Peruvian) 10
    • Pollo Saltado 10 w/fries inside
    • Lomo Saltado 12 w/fries inside
    • Mushrooms Saltado (V) 10 w/fries inside

    Tallarín Saltado

    Spaghetti sautéed served with

    • Lomo Saltado 11
    • Pollo Saltado 10
    • Mushrooms Saltado (V) 10
    • Broccoli w/Pollo 10 w/Lomo 11
  • Catering & Private Events

    $1000 Minimum or 80 meals

    San Francisco and San Mateo Counties


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    Week 03/20


    11-2pm San Francisco General Hospital SF


    11-2pm Shoreline Blvd. South SF


    11-2pm Oyster Point South SF


    11- 2pm 101 Jefferson Dr. Menlo Park


    701Gateway Blvd. South SF



  • About Our Food

    We are a mobile Peruvian food truck based in the Bay Area, serving a fusion of Peruvian food maintaining the authentic Peruvian flavors and giving costumers different choices to enjoy our food. Our menu has rice bowls, spaghetti plates, wraps and burritos inspired by classic Peruvian plates. Our menu joint makes fast food fancy and purely Peruvian.

  • Clients

    We currently work with :


    Off the Grid (3)

    Moveable Feast (2)

    Soma Streat Food Park

    Spark Social Food Park

    Truck Stop San Francisco

    Hiller Aviation Museum

    San Francisco State University

    General Hospital San Francisco

    Peninsula Food Trucks

    Roaming Hunger Catering


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